Preston Pagel
As a third-year staff member, it is fulfilling to finally see the title, Managing Editor, next to my name. After studying journalism for the last three years, I have really fallen in love with the profession, and aspire to become a journalist, myself, in the near future. Journalists hold an intrinsic value as they are the only ones willing to hold political leaders accountable, and even though they often go unrecognized, they do the public a service by serving the greater good, which is what initially pulled me into the field. Over the years through their investigative exposes, journalists have been able to expose political figures who seemed untouchable, including Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Someday, I hope to become Bob Woodward 2.0 (Woodward exposed Watergate and Nixon) so I can experience the full glorious journalism expedition. Even with the decline of print media, I find there a need for more journalists today than thirty years ago, with a president who calls all journalists “sick people”, and claims that everything they report is fake news, only because he disagrees with their fair reporting. In my free time, I enjoy reading, namely the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis, watching TV and sports, playing tennis, and writing.

Preston Pagel, Editor in Chief

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