2017-2018 Staff

Len Fike


I am an outdoor enthusiast!  You can find me taking part in all sorts of outdoor activities from fishing to camping, hiking or boating.  If the sun's out I am out in it. I'm fascinated by the young people I get to work with on a daily basis.  As a newspaper advisor, I feel fortunate to work with...

Preston Pagel

Editor in Chief

As a third-year staff member, it is fulfilling to finally see the title, Managing Editor, next to my name. After studying journalism for the last three years, I have really fallen in love with the profession, and aspire to become a journalist, myself, in the near future. Journalists hold an intrinsic v...

Samantha Baltzell

Production Manager

I love doing things with my family and friends, sometimes friends more than family, and I love to read. I like mystery books because they become so entertaining to me and I love finding out who did the crime. I also spend a lot of time listening to music. Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I love being ab...

Brandy Roberts

Entertainment Editor

Since I have opened up the doors to the Senior High, I realized I had a passion to inspire others with words. Not only words, but my words. I really enjoy the author, Stephen King. Some may call him a horror freak, depressed, too dark, but I am in love with his stories. He shows passion in a way unlik...

Amber Marten

Opinion Editor

  I chose to do the Jet because I wanted a class that would really get me out of my comfort zone and to also be more involved with the school. With the Jet I am able to talk to people that I have never talked to before, and I get to be more involved by writing about the school. I like to draw anime,...

Hnub Xiong

News Editor

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered my hobbies and what I have passion for. Unknowingly, I found out that I enjoyed writing which made me want to try something new. I joined the The Jet expecting to only write and I was nervous at first but I’m really glad I joined because it really took me out o...

Brooke Sprasky

Sports Editor

I enjoy writing about history and politics, reading historical nonfiction, and playing jazz and classical music on the violin. I decided to join The Jet so that I could gain greater insight as to what it’s like to work for a media base. I enjoy learning about our community and the importance of the news ...

Yingyee Xiong

Feature Editor and Online Editor

I decided to join The Jet because I wanted to experience writing for the school newspaper. Within this classroom atmosphere, I realized I enjoyed writing and the process of how a newspaper is made, and I want to major in journalism after high school. Ever since I joined The Jet, I have learned new thi...

Claire Gelhaus

Feature Editor

I joined The Jet last year because I had an interest in politics and wanted my opinion heard. I've grown to love it and this year I was made a feature editor. I love The Office,  dark chocolate, and watching hockey with my family, and am excited to be apart of The Jet again this year!...

Terra Weiskopf


My nickname is Terra Beara. I love photography and I am working on writing a book. I plan on graduating early and starting beauty school. I was inspired by my friend Laiha's mom, who does make up for Rihanna and is doing the Fenty make up line currently! I joined The Jet to show and write my opinions...

Sara Williams


I'm Sara. I joined The Jet because I like to write and the school newspaper will help me write better. The Jet will also help me step outside of my comfort zone and try something new. I love dogs and sleeping all day. I love work, and after high school, I plan on going to college to become a Registered...

Scott Gerrits


I enjoy bowling and playing games such as: Yu-Gi-Oh, chess, and uno. I spend most of my free time tapping away at my I-Pad and writing short stores. The reason I joined The Jet was to step out and put my writing skills to a more practical use.

Emily Graap


I love any and all animals. I enjoy volunteering at the humane society and also sometimes at nursing homes. I like to be outside and doing outdoor activities. I play sports, but just for fun — not for teams. I joined The Jet to try something new and broaden my experiences. I also enjoy writing.

McKayla Hackman


I love cats, being active, and hanging out with friends. I hoined The Jet because I love to write and I want to be more involved! Fun fact: I dislike reading.