Art, Music, and Technology

Khiana Bradshaw, Reporter

January 17, 2020

The importance, meaning, and ways that Art and Music are being done is being completely taken over by technology.  The importance of art changes when it is done digitally versus traditionally. People tend to peg traditional...

Respect Goes Both Ways

Caitlin Grisham, Reporter

January 17, 2020

        Respect is a common subject between media, work environments, and schools. Aimed mainly towards students, and teens, or more recently, Millennials and Gen Z. Saying that we are disrespectful, but respect goes both way...

Romanticization of mental illness in movies

Max Tiffany and Caitlin Grisham

January 17, 2020

      Mental illnesses are common in the real world, but only show up in movies when it’s a romance movie or show. Mental illnesses aren’t pretty, and take lots of coping methods and work to get through or to live with....

What is True Feminism?

Caitlin Grisham, Reporter

January 17, 2020

       A lot of stigma surrounds what true feminism is. The true definition of feminism is “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men,” according to  ...

Why individuality should matter at graduation

Claire Gelhaus, Editor

May 29, 2019

 As graduation approaches, anticipation grows among the senior class with each coming day, and many questions circle around the proceedings for the class of 2019.   This year, instead of having the top five percent by grade ...

My insight into a teacher and his blog

Breanna Narlock, Editor

May 28, 2019

  One of the most philosophical, insightful, and overall wonderful teachers to have at the D.C. Everest Senior High School is Mr. Michael Soehl.   As an English and Social Studies teacher he has a deeper understanding for wri...

Continuous improvement throughout your life

Jameson Morgan, Reporter

May 17, 2019

When teachers were asked what they want most in students, an Article by ThoughtCo, ranked third was the ability to see their weakness and make a diligent effort to improve that weakness. While that may be easy for some students, ...

Students leaving class for sports

Roberto Matarazzo, Reporter

May 17, 2019

  Teachers have a lot of struggles with students leaving school early, especially for the afternoon classes teachers. Many students leave early because they play sports and the most of their meets are planned for 4:00 pm a...

Spring is here, road craters appear

Heather Voll, Editor

March 21, 2019

  That time of year is upon us once again; the snow begins to melt and temperatures inch their way above 30 degrees. The only thing that could make this transitional period between winter and spring better is having the roa...

National Honor Society could offer more service opportunities

Claire Gelhaus, Editor

February 5, 2019

  National Honor Society is a nationwide organization, with branches in all 50 states, established to recognize students outstanding in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.   At the D.C. Everest branch, NHS acts as...

ACT test contains hidden bias

Alli Heckert, Reporter

February 5, 2019

  A high school student today knows all too well the standardized testing process. Sharpen your #2 pencils, get out your blue/black ink pens, put any electronic devices into your locker, and stare at the wall until otherwi...

Profit, not- for profit private universities: Know the difference

Morgan Koehler, Reporter

February 1, 2019

As seniors of D.C. Everest grow closer to their graduation day, many may be wondering: what is the difference for profit and non for profit private universities? For-profit and non-for-profit colleges are more different than you thi...