Stick with the parking sticker

Chue Yee Yang, Reporter

October 16, 2019

 Students who want to park the DC Everest Senior High School requires students to buy parking stickers to be able to park in the school parking lot.     Students can buy parking stickers at the main office for 40 dollars, with an ad...

Meet Mrs. Tiphany Schmidt, Teacher

Khiana Bradshaw, Reporter

October 16, 2019

Mrs. Tiphany Schmidt is a Cross Categorical teacher in room 105. She had been put in place of Mrs. Bartling, a retired teacher.     Schmidt graduated with a degree in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin, S...

Meet Mrs. Brooke Davis, Counselor

Khiana Bradshaw, Reporter

October 16, 2019

Mrs. Brooke Davis is a counselor here at DC Everest Senior High. She is found in Student Services.    Davis’ undergraduate degree is from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay with majors in psychology and human developmen...

New grading system has learning curve

Morgan Koehler, Editor

October 15, 2019

  The D.C. Everest school district has changed the platform on which teachers grade our work multiple times over the last few years, and this year they’ve chosen a website called Canvas.   Canvas is a service meant to give teach...

Scrunchies business on the rise

Aliya Surti and Eve Hoover

October 11, 2019

          Students at D.C. Everest are encouraged to make their own businesses as a part of business classes, but some start their own outside of school.           Allison Honkanenn, sophomore, is just one of...

Jake Masanz’s Food Review

Sadie West and Max Tiffany

October 11, 2019

A rising Snapchat star has started their own show as a food critic. Jake Masanz, D.C. Everest sophomore, started Food Review when his friend Matthew Westphal reviewed his Chick-Fil-A one day. He posted on March 28, 2019 at Culve...

Homecoming voting system explored

Wendy Vang and Caitlin Grisham

October 11, 2019

       D.C Everest Senior High students had the opportunity to vote for the Homecoming theme through emails Student Council sent out. Students have had conflicted feelings about the voting system, not quite understandi...

Breaking down Block Days

Nolan Hoppe and Cooper Bradfish

October 2, 2019

   The approach to scheduling and maximizing students’ opportunities could be causing changes to the school day, with the administration’s research, shining a light on the possibility of a change to the everyday class ...