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About Us

   The Jet is a student publication to educate, inform, and entertain its readers in a fair and objective manner. It also serves to give experience to student journalists and provide a forum for students’ ideas and opinions

   The Jet has an editorial board made up of the senior staff, including Managing Editor and department editors. The functions of the board are to discuss issues affecting D. C. Everest students; to accurately research and write articles; to monitor the work done by staff reporters, and to discuss letters to the editor that may be ethically in question.

   Journalists are guaranteed First Amendment rights of freedom of expression.  Along with this freedom, we understand that we have an obligation to serve our readers responsibly.

Letters to the editor are encouraged and must be signed. Editors reserve the right to edit letters that are wordy, or contain obscenities or libelous material.

Staff editorials in The Jet are the opinions of The Jet staff and may not reflect the views of the advisor or school administration. The above policy had been approved by the 2021-22 Jet staff and will be the basis on which The Jet is produced.


The Jet is a charter member of the Quill and Scroll.