Sophomore Students Put Their Amazing Race to the Test

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3…2…1…Go! Three students tell their story about the Amazing Race that took place for sophomores at the D. C. Everest Senior High school.

“I thought it was very helpful because it made you get closer to the school,” said Johan Arius-Salazar, sophomore at D.C Everest. “and it made you experience what classes they have here.”

Arius-Salazar said the Amazing Race around the school was not only helpful, but fun. Sophomores were given the opportunity to see what kind of clubs and classes that are held at D.C Everest this year. With sophomores participating in the classes and activities of the race, they are able to understand their interests in school and to give them an idea of what classes to look for next year.

“I haven’t seen any activities like that, there was this one where you had to program robots or something, and that was pretty fun,” said Arius-Salazar.

Luls Arias, sophomore, said that the Amazing Race was a good idea for new kids to start out the school year so they would have a better understanding on what the school is about.

“You just got in there and raced around the school, you found rooms, you did things, you just kinda got the experience of where you’re gonna go when you are actually doing it,” said Arias.

Arias said it would have been better if sophomores were able to tour the whole school, instead of half.

“You didn’t get the full experience of the school,” said Arias. “We only did half the experience of it.”

Sophomores were put into groups for the race, one group would tour one half of the school and the other group would tour the other half of the school.

Students try to spell words with the Periodic Table

Students try to spell words with the Periodic Table

If Arias could change one thing about the race, he could have the two groups switch places so all of the sophomores have an idea of the whole school, instead of half of it.

“I feel like it was a good learning opportunity for the sophomores to find their way around the school,” said Isaiah Sattler, sophomore. “You are participating and doing activities in school and seeing what the school has to offer.”

Sattler said that after the race he wished that he had more time to actually do the activities, to get the chance to see more of what the class or activity was about. He also said that, for a change, the school could have juniors and seniors do the race as well, so the sophomores would have a better understanding of where to go around the school with the help of someone who knows the school well.

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Sophomore Students Put Their Amazing Race to the Test