New Teachers At D. C. Everest High School

Amber Marten, Opinion Editor

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Mrs. Debrabander, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire graduate, is excited to start the new year

Mrs. Debrabander, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire graduate, is excited to start the new year.

Mrs. LeVake started this year as a new English teacher.

Mrs. LeVake started this year as a new English teacher.

Out with the old year, and in with the new.

As the school year starts, two new teachers have been welcomed to the D. C Everest Senior High.

Mrs. Ciera LeVake is very excited to be at the school. She hopes that she will be able to get more involved in school activities and clubs. Mrs. Sara DeBrabander is a new Math teacher and she is very excited to see what the new year will bring.

“The environment is what I expected when I was interviewing,” said Mrs. LeVake.

Mrs. LeVake said that last year she was at the Senior high to see what the school was like. She said that she heard good things about the school and became excited to work there, the class sizes are a decent size, and the staff and students are very friendly and it is helping with her ‘new teacher’ nerves.

Mrs. LeVake graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison having both a Bachelor and Masters degree in teaching and began student teaching at a high school in Madison. While student teaching, she  was a middle school teacher in Madison as well.

“I think I am going to have a good year, and I also think that I am going to be very tired,” said Mrs. LeVake. “This is the first time teaching these specific courses. So that means, as a teacher, when I go home I have to do a lot of planning.”

Mrs. LeVake said that she is excited to work at the Senior High because “change can be exciting,”. She heard good things about the area around the school, she gets to work in a new place with new people, and gets to meet new students.

“I was also nervous because, just like a new student coming into the school, when a student comes in and they don’t know anybody, they feel nervous. Well it’s the same for new teachers in the building,” said Mrs. LeVake.

Mrs. LeVake said that this definitely feels like a high school. “They just announced the Powder-Puff game. That sounds like high school. That’s what I was expecting . So nothing has thrown me super off guard yet.” said Mrs. LeVake.

Mrs. LeVake is hoping to be able to talk to students outside of school like at home football games.

“I am really excited to be here and I hope that in the coming years I can take in more stuff,” said Mrs. LeVake.

The math department welcomes a teacher to the school, Mrs. Sara DeBrabander.  

“I just like the atmosphere of older students,” said Mrs. DeBrabander. “So far, the staff and the students have been very nice to me, very welcoming and understanding that I am new here.” Furthermore, Mrs. DeBrabander went to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for her degree in teaching. She student taught a 7th grade class in Fall Creek, close to Eau Claire, and was able to get a feel for what teaching was all about.

“I think it is going to be a great year,” said Mrs. DeBrabander. “So, obviously it is going to be stressful but I think it is going to be completely worth it.”

Mrs. DeBrabander said that when she first got here she was able to think about how she got here and what she had to do in order to get here. She said that she realized that this job was what she went to school for and it is what she has been “living her life to do”. She said that she is finally where she wants to be in her career, and she has been wanting to teach for a long time.

“I was nervous, but also excited that I was doing what I wanted to do,” said Mrs. DeBrabander. “I was excited about it and positive that it is gonna go well. But if I have the attitude where I show everyone how stressed I am all the time, or let negative things affect me, then it’s not gonna go well.”

Mrs. DeBrabander said that the one thing that was different for her was having an eleventh hour. She said that she is so used to having only eight periods in a day, but with the Senior High having eleven, it surprised her. DeBrabander said that she never realized how much thought goes into planning for a lesson each day, until now.

Additionally, Mrs. DeBrabander said that it is not as easy as it looks to remember every student’s name. Although she sees them everyday since there are so many students it is hard to remember names when some students look alike, have similar names, or have siblings in the same grade.

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New Teachers At D. C. Everest High School