Strehlow Takes Over as Everest Head Football Coach

Preston Pagel, Editor in Chief

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Mr. Tim Strehlow has gone from being the fifth-grade ballboy for the Everest varsity football to its head coach.

“I have worked my way through the whole system from being a fifth-grade ballboy to playing high school football for Steffenhagen (former Everest head football coach),” Strehlow said. “I got a chance to play college football at NDSU [North Dakota State University], and now I finally get to be a head coach.”

Strehlow has been both the Everest offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for the last six years prior to the promotion.

The new position has brought its fair share of challenges, for Strehlow. However, he said that all he can do is learn from his mistakes.

He noted that the head coach must do many things that no one else realizes, and that, so far, has been the biggest adjustment.

Strehlow is a Physical Education Teacher at D.C. Everest High School, and coaches boys track in the spring, in addition to football, so Strehlow already had a full plate before accepting the head coaching job.

Knowing this, Strehlow said that he wouldn’t have accepted the time-consuming position without the support and blessings of his family.

“This job definitely requires me to spend more time away from my family, but I wouldn’t have made this decision if they weren’t supportive. My wife has been by my side for more than 17 years, since we have been married for 17 years, but we went to NDSU together as well, so she understands the game of football and the time commitment it requires,” Strehlow said. “My boys are both into football, as well, so they, too, wanted me to take the job.”

Strehlow’s fondest memory, thus far, was the thrilling victory Everest had over Wausau West at Stiehm Stadium on Sept. 15.

“My fondest memory, so far, would be the Wausau West game since we won that game by a quarter of an inch.”

Strehlow said the new coaching position is superb.

“I love it [being head coach], it is a 10 out of 10. I love seeing each player’s improvement over the course of the season, along with the whole team on a greater scale.”

Strehlow and the entire Everest coaching staff came up with three goals for their team during the off-season. The goals are not standard football goals like winning a certain amount of games, rather they pertain to how players on the team should act on and off the field.

“The three goals we made during the offseason are to do whats right, on and off the field, care for everyone in the school, not just teammates and peers but also custodians and others who do things in our school, and to always give our best effort,” Strehlow said. “My goals aren’t necessarily about wins and losses, it is taking care of the little things.”

Coach Strehlow hopes that his players will continue to abide by these principles throughout the rest of the season.

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Strehlow Takes Over as Everest Head Football Coach