Tennis courts Taken Down

   The new Greenheck Turner is taking the place of the now torn down tennis courts.  

The tennis courts are used by the net and racket phy-ed class, the tennis team, and the public.  They were torn down on March 30 for the new Greenheck Turner.  

   Ms. Durski, the Net and Racket teacher said, “They [the students] don’t get tennis and they’re disappointed, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”  

   She will and has been making alternate activities in replace of the seven weeks they’d be using the tennis courts.

   “We are excited for the sophomores and juniors to use the new tennis courts and other additives,” said senior Ethan Giese.  

      Giese said the tennis courts being replaced had to happen eventually, and that they’ve been bad for a while.

  As for the tennis team they have to go to East and use their courts, so sometimes people show up later to practice because it’s farther away.  

   Though there are some downfalls, there are many good things coming from the tennis courts being taken down. 

  Short term situation for a really cool thing coming to D.C. Everest” said Mrs. Wegge, the curriculum coordinator.  

   “Every project has growing pains, but they [the tennis courts] were in rough shape so they were gonna be replaced eventually” she said. 

   “It’s important to look at the big picture,” she also said.

   There’s a lot of new things coming to Everest including the new dome and all of the facilities within that, the Greenheck Turner, and now new tennis courts.

   The new tennis courts will be located behind where they are now near the baseball field.

   Though there’s some problems, there will be new and positive things to come out of it.  Like Mrs. Weege said we just need to look at the bigger picture.