Local Sports Channel Covers Conference Play; Owner Found Success After Following His Passion

Noah Kienbaum

Athletes race onto the field, the court,  or the wrestling mat with no promise of winning a medal or trophy, but for the pure enjoyment of the sport itself. In rural areas such as Weston, Wausau and Marshfield, the media coverage of high school sports is often barren and lackluster.

“What we found was a lack of high school sports,”  Jason Zaleski said

But, out of the barren wasteland of high school sports news emerged what would soon become a juggernaut in the field of secondary school athletic coverage: Jason Zaleski. 

Jason Zaleski has amassed nearly a million views on his primary YouTube channel alone. Zaleski is sitting upon an empire of high school sports coverage in the area. Present on nearly all social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Zaleski is changing the way athletes, students and parents interact with the sports community.

The road to success was rocky for Zaleski.

A former athlete himself playing both football and basketball in high school, he said in his booming bold voice, “To graduate grades weren’t the top priority. Sports were.” 

With dreams of having a career in radio broadcasting Zaleski used his love of sports to continue his pursuit of education. This tactic proved to work. Following his high school graduation, Zaleski attended colleges in central Indiana and Marshfield, Wisconsin and so began his career in radio. One which he relished and enjoyed, but soon that would come to an end when Zaleski became a family man.

 But then in 2016 Zaleski’s wife convinced him to buy a public access channel in Marshfield, and so began Zaleski sports. 

“We want to give people what they want,” Zaleski said enthusiastically.

Zaleski’s public access channel slowly grew to be on multiple social media platforms and his process is both thoroughly planned and easy to execute. 

“We have most things planned out ten days in advance,” Zaleski said. 

Zaleski sports is always expanding, he said, and  “it’s always driven by advertising […] we want the product to look the part.” 

Zaleski expects his business to keep expanding and hopes for more advertising in the future.

“Just start local. Start where you are. Write about what you’re passionate about. If you want to write about wrestling, write about wrestling,” Zaleski softly said about what he would say to those who want to start a business like his.

A quick thinking mind with a vision created a juggernaut for sports coverage in the area. Now with success under his belt, Zaleski hopes to fulfill his vision of creating media for high school athletes.