Takin’ it to the Trails

Conor Gehoski

As you’re walking you can see a blue Trek blazing through the trails of central Wisconsin. Once it comes into view you see a young man heaving from exhaustion as a group of bikers seem to be chasing him. This is Max Aures, student and Wisconsin mountain biker.
“I think it went pretty well, I improved a lot,” Max said about this year’s mountain bike season after placing 5th for state, “ I improved on being in the right gear at the right time.”
Max has been working hard to become the best mountain biker he can, practicing a lot for that chance of first place.
Being a good mountain biker is difficult and Max has had his fair share of mistakes.
“I fell off my bike a lot, kinda like Joe Biden.”
All jokes aside, mountain biking is a hard, straining sport that takes a lot of dedication to be successful at and Max has proven that dedication.
Along with mountain biking, Max also has been working hard juggling school and work at the same time, while still achieving over the bar results in all categories. He is in almost all honors classes with all A’s. Plus he works hard at Papa Murpheys. Some might not be able to deal with all of that at once “ My mental health is good, I don’t think about it much,” Max said.
So if you find yourself walking some trails this summer keep an eye out you might see Max Aures.