McDonald’s Teacher Night

Matti Engen

Teachers working, and students teaching them, quite the reversal on the
normal of teachers teaching students.
This role reversal saw teachers behind the counter at McDonalds for Teachers Night to raise
money. Teachers did many jobs like getting customers’ orders, greeting people, drive-up orders, curbside pickup, putting whip cream on drinks, and cleaning.
“Nice that Bill Fish [owner] gave us the opportunity [to work at McDonalds].”
said Mrs. Jagodzinski. Mrs. Jagodzinski has worked in just about everything but fast food was not
a job she has done until now. She had so many wonderful things to say about her students who helped her
including their high patience, and kindness. “I loved seeing my students in a leadership role. I would absolutely do it again.”
Mr. McDonald, math teacher, actually worked at McDonalds and was Employee of the Month when he wasi n high school. “It was interesting to see the changes” and how much they really do there, he said. “It was neat to be the student and reverse the roles. I went to an environment where I needed to be educated [compared to normally being an educator],” he said.
He also had a lot to say about how proud he was of the students. “I was happy to see the pride
student employees had in their work.”
Mr. McDonald did have a new thought when asked if he would do it again, he
had an idea to not only do it at McDonald’s but maybe another fast food restaurant or area, because it was such a good idea and experience.
There was definitely a lot of new experiences and past experiences being
relieved in a new way, with the help of the remarkable employees and staff at the McDonald’s Teachers night.