Point of Convergence

Jenna Kottke

Point of Convergence is D.C. Everest’s literary magazine that Everest students of all

ages can submit to. Students can submit creative nonfiction, short fiction, poetry, letters, and

covers for the book that is of the students own design. Submissions that will not be considered

are long forms of work, and each submission genre has guidelines that should also

follow the school’s guidelines.

In 2004, Mr. Cepress came to teach at the Senior High. Right away he asked Mr. Fike

if the school had a club or class that students could express themselves with writing, artwork,

or photography. Surprisingly, D.C. Everest Senior High hasn’t had anything like that since the

90’s. In the beginning, the club started small but throughout the almost 20 years the club has

been running, members have grown to a dozen kids.

Students who are in the club manage every aspect of it and what goes into the book.

That means that the submissions are chosen by the club members. All members, including

Mr. Cepress read all submissions and choose their favorites, remembering what goes into

making a poem a poem, and what goes into all of the submission genres.

Club members hang flyers around the school where students can scan a QR code and

join the Canvas page. There, students will be able to submit using a simple Google form.

Junior Sydnee Laszewski was in 9th grade when two of her writings were published in

the book. A poem titled “Black and Blue” and a short fiction titled “Fading Out”.

“I’ve always written my pieces to be read,” Laszewski says. “It is really empowering to see

your own writing in a published form.”

In past years, student writing has been selected for university based contests that will

randomly pop up. UWSP selected high school students to come in for a day and work in their

writing workshop, but that opportunity has not been available since the pandemic.

Just this January, “Point of Convergence” won the 2022 NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)

“Congratulations to Matt Cepress and all who teach students how to engage in authentic and meaningful writing! From the National Council of Teachers of English – “It is my pleasure to inform you that your school’s literary magazine, Point of Convergence has been selected to receive the rank of Excellent in the 2022 NCTE Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) program. From all of us at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), congratulations to you and your students on this exceptional publication. We commend you for inspiring a love of writing that your students will remember for the rest of their lives.”

“Watching it come to life,” Cepress says when asked what his favorite part of what Point

of Convergence is. When asked what do you want kids to take away from this experience,

Cepress says, “Students who would think about submitting, it’s great. It’s a wonderful chance

to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and in high school that’s always good.”

The book is an insight into students and all of their unique voices. Many

students express themselves through writing.

Some advice from Syndee Laszewski, “Don’t be afraid to submit because what doyou have to lose. If it doesn’t get chosen you can always
submit the next year. Submit all the writing you want, because there is a chance that at least
one will get chosen.”

“Submit, it’s a great time to take a shot at it,” Cepress adds.

As a reader what can you do to support Point of Convergence? Buy the books online or

through Mr. Cepress.