Rotary International

Aliyah Moua

On Friday January 6th, foreign exchange students were gathered together in the auditorium, to talk about their experiences living in America. Some of the foreign exchange students who attended the rotary came from different high schools around the area; such as Stevens Point, Sturgeon Bay, and Antigo.
Students who are taking languages from the junior high and the high school, were offered to attend the rotary to hear the opportunities the foreign exchange students have experienced so far in America. This was the first year that the junior high students were allowed to come into the rotary and to encounter interactions with the foreign exchange students.
Mrs.Dickerson, who was in charge of setting up the event at the high school, said that the rotary would contact her and set a date when they are coming. She helps organize the event by asking for permission to use the auditorium and sets up the microphones for the exchange students to use.
In general, Jim Warsaw is the main person who is in charge of the international rotary and he did introduce himself at the event. He explained what the rotary does and how it gives new opportunities to people.
During the rotary, the foreign exchange students introduced themselves and said what country they were all from. Students were allowed to ask questions towards the foreign exchange students about what they’ve already done in America.
Some questions asked at the rotary included:
Q: How has your experience in America been so far?
A: Angelia: “It’s really cool, I’m enjoying it everyday.”
A: Sela: “My year this year has been so fun.”
A: Cornelius: “It’s been great, I really like Americans because they’re all so kind.”
A: Janu: “My experience here has been so fun, I saw snow for the first time.”
A: Tom: “I experienced many new things like language, I’m also trying to learn Spanish.”
Q: What’s the hardest word to say in English?”
A: Janu: “the hardest word is bro.”
A: Bianca: “The hardest word for me is squirrel.”
A: Sela: “Cartwheel.”
A: Angelia: “th- sound, there isn’t a way to write the TH sound.”
A: Ariana: “Pumpkin.”
Another question that was asked was:
Q: What is the weirdest food you’ve eaten here?
A: Junau: “Potato stuffing with like marshmallows.”
A: Sela: “Mac and cheese on a pizza.”
A: Angelina: “Cheese curd. It’s too squishy.”
A: Ariana: “Soda with ice cream”
Question for Cornelius (from Berlin Germany):
Q: “What’s the biggest difference between US vs German schools?”
A: “Everyone here goes to classes accordingly. It’s all in one school but there’s two different high schools in Germany. We have breaks between hours. We get like a two hour break between classes. At home I play tennis. Here I play basketball, but I didn’t make it at tryouts.”
Towards the end of the rotary, students from the junior and senior high were allowed to talk and take pictures with the foreign exchange students. Everyone was very nice and welcoming to them and even some of the exchange students traded their socials.
The rotary has helped a lot of the foreign exchange students get the opportunity to travel here in America.
Former junior at Everest, Iago Dib, said “ If it wasn’t for the rotary I wouldn’t be here right now.”
There are so many opportunities that the rotary has provided to people.
Getting into the program, there’s a lot of work that has to be done in order to travel and leaving means that they won’t see their family for the year. Although the rotary is a life changing experience, it gives new opportunities for people to explore different cultures and encounter new beginnings from it.