Wax Melt

Matti Engen

An entrepreneur, employee and student at only 15, Kali Traska is her name.

“It’s crazy that I’m a fifteen year old running a successful business,” Kali said.  She 

officially started a wax melt business called Aspen Oak & Co,. in March of 2022 as a freshman. 

Now Aspen Oak & Co sells about 52 scents, has a website, Tik Tok, Facebook, 

and Instagram. 

The business has also been shown in the Wausau Daily Herald and DC Everest social 


Her business goes to farmers markets, craft shows, and they went to Cranfest in Sept. to 

represent their products.

They design all of the graphics and name all of the melts. The most popular 

has been the Birch woods scent.  Kali’s favorite scent is Birchwoods or Pink Champagne.

All of the ideas for names, scents, and melts just came to their minds and they make it 


You get the wax melts in a plastic tray with the scent, and label.  Each $4 tray comes 

with 6 cubes.

The business has sold around 5,000 in total so far and holds giveaways and deals 

through their website and social media.  “It’s very popular throughout the local area… it just kind of took off,” Kali said.  

The funniest thing to happen is when people think the melts smell so good that they try 

to eat them because they think of candy.  Kalis’ mom accidentally took a small sip of their pumpkin spice oil fragrance because she thought it was her drink.

With a successful beginning business, being an employee, and being a student 

she’s “definitely always occupied with a full schedule… It’s busy, but very entertaining and productive”

“I would like to continue to strive with the business so I can continue on after school.  I’m 

very invested in the business world.” Kali said.

“There’s always something to do and there’s never a dull moment.” She says.  Only time 

will tell to see what other great and amazing things she and her business will do in the future.