Second Place Deca Win

Victor Wilkins

DECA helps prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
DECA is a co-curricular organization. Co-curricular means DECA is found in multiple different classrooms such as Marketing Foundations, Marketing Principles, Creative Marketing Solutions, Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Business Management.
Recently DECA had two students take second at a junior achievement competition. This competition consists of a test about the general knowledge of finance and goes into two roleplay scenarios consisting of generally the same material as the test. The scenarios are presented to judges for them to look over and place them.
Aidan Alford and Dayton Goralski took second place in the Junior Achievement competition. Aidan said “it was fun” and Dayton said “we did it for the opportunity and to show our knowledge”. They put a lot of effort into the preparation leading up to the competition. They did lots of practice tests as well as roleplays. Even though they took second place they were still a little disappointed knowing that they could do better and could have taken first place
DECA has helped many students achieve success in their chosen fields. The organization provides mentorship, access to resources and a host of opportunities to help its members become valuable contributors to the global economy. The success of Aidan and Dayton shows that DECA is helping our students at D.C. Everest build skill they need out of high school.