Makenna Kampmann, Reporter

          After a successful season, the D.C. Everest volleyball team took second in conference with a new team and tough competition.

          The coach of the volleyball team, Ms. Tina Prahl, said that this year’s team is “brand new,” and there were not a lot of returning varsity players. “Our team was young this year,” she said.

          With this team being so young, coach Prahl said their main goal was to build the foundation for their volleyball skills. “We were a young team, so we had to create a varsity experience,” she said. 

          Overall, this was a successful year taking second in conference to Marshfield, who went undefeated. Coach Prahl agreed with this statement saying that they had met their goal of building a foundation and were happy with how the season went. 

          Marshfield was the biggest competition for the team. Coach Prahl said that Marshfield is “that team you want to beat.” They have been number one for the past three years, and for the last two years, Everest has been tied with them. To prepare for those games, she said the coaches hit tough balls at the players and made adjustments to the play “just for them.” 

          Ella Harmon, a junior, said that the season went better than the team expected. They were expecting 3rd or 4th, but instead got second and were very close to getting first. The team lost to Marshfield only by two points, said Harmon. The final score was 27-25.

          Sidney Geiss, a sophomore, said that before challenging games, they would pump each other up. She said they would do their dynamic warm-ups either in the hallways or the gym. Then the team would do a cheer. “It gained a lot of energy for us, and that definitely hyped us up and got us ready for the game,” added Geiss.

          Along with the cheer, the team would also practice a lot, said Geiss. “Practice gets you prepared for what you’re going to face, and before the game is what gets you ready.”

          Harmon said that the hardest game of the season was the teams first time playing SPASH. “The game went into 5 sets, which is the most amount of sets you can have,” said Harmon. 

          Geiss said the hardest game the team had to face was the first playoff game against SPASH. “Even though we won it was difficult to start. It was crucial that we started out on a good note, which put pressure on us.” It was a close game the whole time, and was “point for point” added Geiss. “It was difficult to keep that ratio going and not let up.” 

          Coach Prahl said to face tough teams, they would make court adjustments, “Set up defense to be ready for better hitters, make certain plays for those tough teams, and work on mental toughness.” 

          The team took personality tests to learn “how to talk and communicate with each other,” added Coach Prahl. 

          Harmon said this season was a foundation for her. The team heavily relied on seniors, and the team was fairly new. This season was the start of the 6 year build up. “Once a team reaches a really high point, like us going to sectionals and conference champs, it usually takes 6 years to build that up again,” said Harmon.

          The fans have shown a great amount of support, said Coach Prahl. “Thank you to the fans for continual Evergreen support and enthusiasm for volleyball,”   

          Coach Prahl also wanted to recognize this year’s seniors. She said the team had 4 seniors who showed a lot of leadership. “We’re going to miss them, I didn’t have any captains, just the 4 seniors.”