Mens Cross Country

Conor Gehoski, Reporter

       As the 2022 season comes to an end we can look back at the stats on how the men’s Cross Country team did and the teams thoughts on how the year went.

      The Cross Country season usually starts at the beginning of the school year and ends toward the end of October.

       Cross Country is scored differently than most sports. It’s kind of like golf, the lower the score the better. For example if a person gets 1st they get one point, and if they get second they get two. Overall the team placed 5th this year with 123 points. Evan Fuchs received the best score for Everest placing 15th overall with 15 points. 

    While the score is what most people focus on it’s also important to see how the team thought they did this season.

      Gavin Peterson said this on the matter, “This year went pretty solid, we just got a new coach, and we were adjusting to the new coach.” 

      Fuchs added, “ We did not score all that well but this year we focused on going after Wausau.” 

      While the teams opinions vary they thought they improved. “We tried our best and even beat some of our personal records,” said Peterson.

      Working with your team is also a big factor on how your year goes.

     “We work very well with each other, we are also competitive like brothers,” Peterson said.