Ben Soehl, Reporter

          There are several sports within D.C.Everest that are often neglected by students within her walls. Chief among these sports is Girls Golf, the season of which ended earlier this year in October.

          The season’s first meet was on the 24th of August beginning with a match at Trapp River Golf Course. While the team didn’t perform the best at this meet, for they had a score of 233 which came in dead last in this meet. The meet was won by the combined Wausau district teams 186. 

          This would reflect a trend in the in season for Everest, as the team would constantly place last among the main meets. Despite this low scoring Varsity golfer Angela Steinke would state that this was a more successful year for the golf team on a personal level, as players like herself improved overall throughout the season.

          The next meet would take place only five days later on August 25 at Crane Meadows Golf Course. Everest would once again take last place at 238, a worse score than the first meet. 

          In Contrast the best score was Stevens Points with a score of 191. This means overall the average range of scores was worse on average for all teams.

          The third meet took place on the second of September at the Marshfield Country Club. This meet was critiqued by players like Steinke, who stated “The greens weren’t even uniform greens” during a long winded rant. 

          Despite the questionable quality of  the course the outcome was not much different for the DCE team, with a score of 229 they once again took last place in the meet.

          The follow up meet on Sept 6 at The Ridges Golf Course didn’t fare much better for the team. For the third meet in a row Stevens Point won the meet with a point score of 187. However, D.C.Everest did manage to score their best of the season up to that point with a score of 219. In the end however, they still took last place.

          Six days later on September 12th came the next meet, and once again it was at The Ridges Golf Course. Despite prior knowledge of the course every team seemed to score worse overall. 

          Certain teams gained up to twelve points in comparison to the prior meet on the same course. Despite this D.C.Everest only gained seven points, an average amount compared to some of the other teams. 

          The second to last meet took place on Friday September 16th at Tribute Golf Course. This was D.C.Everest best showing of the season with a score of 203, however unfortunately it  was also the best showing for several other teams. This fact leads to the impressive showing from Marshfield who was able to break Stevens Point’s four meet streak with a score of 170 to Point’s 181 points, putting them even behind Wausau schools.

          Finally came the last meet of the season. Starting on the 19th of September the final meet would take place at Stevens Point Country Club. This field was perfect for a final meet,  as it was described by Steinke as the highest quality of all the fields throughout the season. Unfortunately as expected the D.C.Everest team didn’t perform the greatest. With the victors of the meet being Stevens Point with a score of 182 followed closely by Marshfield with a score of 183.

          The final placings for the seasons were Stevens Point at first, then Marshfeild, then the combined Wausau teams, then Wisconsin Rapids, and finally D.C.Evesest in last.