College and the Help School Provides

Julie Klawitter, Reporter

Starting high school is one step closer to college if you plan to go. Seniors stress out, but is it for lack of planning, or lack of resources?

“It’s super hot times for seniors,” said Mrs. Val Willems, a school counselor. Mrs. Willems brings up the essential college prep students go through in order to get ready for college. She said that the most important thing any student should know is that “starting early” is vital. 

They scramble to get stuff for college ready, even just being a slight bit more prepared can help out a lot. Much of the advice Mrs. Willems mentioned besides starting early, is to ask teachers, parents, and counselors. Another great resource, she said, is our school’s career coach, Kyle Thao. Mr. Thao is a representative from the University of Wisconsin school system, he can help with any University of Wisconsin applications and talk about any schools you are interested in!

Another option one should take into consideration is scholarships. Applying for scholarships as soon as they open is an amazing opportunity. College is expensive. Free money for it is something no one should pass up on if they plan to go to college, said Mrs. Willems. 

Kaitlyn Rux, a senior going to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in the fall of 2023, said that she started looking into college in the 8th grade but “didn’t really start getting too much into it until sophomore year when they started prepping for it in other classes.” Rux said that the resources she used the most were the counselors and teachers and not the resources given to students virtually. However, she said that the resources “definitely help you start out, but don’t go off of what the website says do what you want to do.”

With COVID -19, planning for college can be really difficult not only for the students but for the parents as well. College is expensive and with salaries not being able to keep up with inflation (CBS news), parents are having a harder and harder time paying for their kids’ college education. A resource for helping with finance is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. If parents make less than a 60,000 combined salary and you fill out the application can help get you reduced tuition. 

When it comes to choosing a college “take into consideration what your degree and what you’re going into field wise,” said Rux. “I knew I was going into college undecided except for my field so I decided to stay local. My brother went to UWSP I’m following in his footsteps.”

College can be a difficult experience for everybody. It’s important to plan ahead and use the resources we have provided for us. Counselors are always willing to help, teachers would love to talk to you about it as well. As difficult as it may be, someone will always be willing to help.