Shoe Cleaning Services


Oladayo Onitilo

Parker Davies Shoe cleaning

Ola Onitilo, Reporter

Sophomore Parker Davies has kept a steady shoe cleaning business since the 2021 – 2022 school year. Although he originally started cleaning shoes for a business class he took–Everest Entrepreneurs–his love for shoes and the inflow of cash has kept his business running.

“I’ve always had a love for shoes, so I decided to make a business out of it,” Parker explained.

So far, Parker’s clientele has been mainly made up of his friends but he is looking to expand and open to gaining more customers. “It has mostly been friends because I haven’t promoted it much, but after the football season I plan to do more.” 

Each shoe cleaning is for a “flat price of 10 dollars” yet he still provides professional level service.

“Suede is the hardest material to clean, but I have three different brushes that I use to target suede, leather or anything.”

All of Parker’s supplies come from a website called Reshoevn8r, a progressive shoe product business for sneakerheads looking to clean their shoes, according to Reshoevn8r’s mission statement. 

Parker’s parents are supportive of his business, he reassured. “They think it’s something better to do rather than playing video games all day.”

Funny enough, although his business has come in handy when cleaning his own shoes, he says he feels a little pressure to keep them clean all the time.

“It’s tough. These shoes are only two months old but I’ve had to clean them two or three times already.”

Parker’s favorite type of shoe to clean are Nike’s Air Force 1s. “It’s all kind of the same material so it makes my life easier.”