Soccer Season

Makenna Kampmann, Reporter

          The D.C. Everest Boys Varsity Soccer beat Green Bay Preble, who was ranked 4th in the state at that time, by one goal on August 27, at Appleton North Highschool, helping set the tone for the rest of the season.  

          Freshman, Hezekiah Mletzko scored the only goal in the match in the first half with an assist from fellow senior Raul Rosales. Plus, the defense was able to hold off Preble’s offense. 

          Rosales said he was happy with the result of the game. He was happy he assisted and for Hezekiah because he is a freshman. 

          Parent to center defensive and captain Colin Belton, Sharon Belton said, “We were able to score pretty early on. It was a defensive win, along with an offensive win,” said Sharon Belton, parent to center back and Captain Colin Belton. 

          Sharon Belton said that she imagined the kids were feeling an immense amount of pressure with Preble being a highly ranked team. However, the game boosted the team’s confidence after a loss to Eau Claire Memorial just four days before. D.C. Everest Varsity Soccer Coach Joshua Roloff said this game was scheduled to increase strength and gauge where they are as a team. Hudson would normally play in this quad, but they dropped out, and Everest was invited in Hudson’s place.

          Sharon Belton said that Appleton and Green Bay tend to have stronger teams than central Wisconsin, but D.C. Everest has a very strong team this season. “This game planted the seed that we can take this far. It showed us the importance of playing as a team, and not just as one person,” she said. 

           Fellow senior Colin Belton, Captain to the team, said that the team is close like a family. As Captain Colin tries to promote tight family like values, like being respectful and a friend to everyone. The team shows this with how they act with each other on and off the field.  

          Rosales said, “We went to Dave n’ Busters the night before, and Roloff brought us to Chick-Fil-A. So we had good team bonding before the game, which made us play well together.” 

          “All the guys said, at the start, that they felt like we had something special this year,” Roloff said, “that we did not have in years past. That we could do something special this year, and we still believe that.”

          The team’s season has been continuing strong, with 14 wins and one loss to date. Fellow senior Colin Belton said the Preble game helped set the tone for the rest of the season, “It was another chance to get out there and solidify us as a good team. We knew that they were a really good team and getting that win was really important to us”. 

          Rosales said it has been a very successful season, especially after their win against Wisconsin Rapids. He added the win against Rapids was even bigger for them than the one against Preble because it was their hardest competition in the Conference. After the win, the team was so happy and energetic. He felt on top of the world. 

          Colin Belton said, “that the Rapids team is a really good team, and they knew they had to play their best,” he said that the fist game they played against Rapids was his favorite they have ever played. They came back from one goal down and proved to themselves that they would not give up no matter what. He said, “it made us see that we can do this, we are a really solid team”.  

          Sharon Belton said that over the course of the season, the team has built on a team-related recipe: a greater level of trust and holding each other accountable on the field. They have carried this in every game thereafter. The entire team showed leadership at the Preble game and encouragement to teammates. 

          Roloff said that the team did not let this win affect how they have practiced and will continue coaching the “Everest way to play,” possession, and good soccer.

          After competing in the conference pool, the team brought back the number one seed spot in the conference. After beating Wausau East, SPASH, and Wisconsin Rapids.