Why the Grading Scale Changed

Victor Wilkins, Reporter

With the grade scale being changed from a 4 point to a 10 point it brought a lot of confusion to grades according to Principal Mr. Mike Raether. Not only in parents but also students as well. But some parents have expressed gratitude for grades being easier to track.

The grade scale being changed was caused by grades not being easy to track and the math not really adding up before four-four was an A or 100 percent, a three-four was a B or 75 percent and a two-four was a C or 50 percent. It brought some confusion in parents wondering how their kids had a 50% in a class but were still passing.

Principal Raether said he really only has had feedback from teachers and some parents. Teachers say that students have been more motivated and engaged with their class work. “I’ve received a lot of thank you’s from parents over the grade scale change because they understand it better.”

Students have mixed feelings about the new grade scale, such as junior Jacob Novtny. Novtny thinks that it makes it easier to track his grade but he believes that it is bad for the school in the long run. 

Unlike Kyle Johnson, junior, thinks it more difficult to achieve a passing grade but believes it will help the school achieve better grades overall. 

Mr. Raether additionally said, “The scale hasn’t really changed; it’s just the percentage in Canvas that has.” Moving to a 10 point grading scale shouldnt affect any students grades nor teachers grading.