Overnight Soccer Games

Conor Gehoski, Reporter

      The D.C Everest varsity soccer team works hard with away games throughout the season. Now there is a different kind of away game that allows the team to stay overnight. The soccer team has played some of these overnight games already and the responses from the team have been good. 

      Overnight games which are usually on the weekend due to travel distance take a lot of organizing to get them to happen. The team leaves on Friday and typically has two games, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. Transportation for these events is either a yellow bus or coach bus. Lodging is also needed for the players. 

     Kha Vang, a senior, said, “We stayed in a Holiday Inn. It would be necessary to see how the players feel about these overnight games. Vang said, “I think the idea of overnight games is cool because you can play against other teams that are not in your conference.” 

      Most players like overnight games and think they are fun and cool. Some of the players even brought their gaming consoles to the hotels. Players think overnight games feel the same as regular games except for staying in a hotel afterwards. Vang said, “Everybody thinks it’s a fun idea and a good way to bond with the team.” 

    Overnight games let players rest their head on a pillow instead of a hard bus seat. Overnight games have received a positive response from the team, these games are definitely here to stay.