Creativity In Everest

Noah Kienbaum, Reporter

Creativity is at the core of the Everest Community, with students often creating music, art or other forms of self-expression. 

In Jenna Kottke’s, sophomore, case, her form of self-expression is directing and writing. Kottke is a self-described “creative person”, with an ability to tell a unique and compelling story. Kottke upcoming short film titled “Marco Polo” is to be released on Instagram on Oct. 25.

Kottke proclaimed the film “dumb”, saying that the script was “written in an hour.”    

“Three cousins are playing Marco Polo in a cornfield, until they hear voices,” Kottke said.

“My cousins Jacob and Jace, and my friend Ona Rae Larson play the cousins,” Kottke said. 

“Scary movies revolve around cornfields- so why not do that” Kottke asked, describing the film.

Kottke has always been a creative person with two books out right now, “Stranger in the Woods” and “The Mafia Contract.” Reflecting on her earlier work, Kottke said, “I missed a lot and rushed it.”

However, Kottke does not see writing as a future career. “My counselor said ‘Ask yourself if you could do this everyday without getting tired or bored of it’ I want to be a director” Kottke said.

Kottke has a lot planned out for future releases with a new book called “Mafia Contract: Kiss of Death” coming soon, along with a “Mafia Contract” film in the works. 

“I want [my dream film] to inspire other people to create,” Kottke spoke, describing her dream film. 

Starting with no script and creating a short film from scratch shows how creative Kottke truly is.

Kottke offered this piece of advice for people who want to start writing: “Go for it, history is entirely by the person who writes the story.”