Food and Fun in the Lunchroom

At D.C. Everest Senior High and all the other schools in the district, the lunch staff plays a huge role in the nutrition, work of feeding the kids, and running the lunchroom.  

Brenda “BB” Burnett, refilling engineer, enjoys working at the D.C. Everest cafeteria starting in 2018. Burnett tries to, “make it fun,” and hopes to make a difference when she can. BB said students treat her quite well she estimates “99 percent of all the students here are very polite.” BB found that seasoned fries and spicy chicken sandwiches are a popular option. BB described the food as, “fresh and a little bit out of the ordinary.”   

As a whole, the lunch staff is very positive towards each other, and makes the work environment as productive and connected as possible. The lunch staff found Homecoming spirit week is not only fun for the students, but fun for them as well. “It brings energy,” BB said.

Students had many opinions about and answers on the staff, the food, price, and the lunchroom.

Evan Schroeder, sophomore said he likes the, “Free Fry Fridays.” Schroeder said, “Lunch is good.” Schroeder also thinks the Senior High lunch is better than D.C. Everest Junior High and his favorite is the spicy chicken sandwich. Overall, it is worth the money.

“I think it should be free,” said Grace Jackson, junior, added. Jackson thinks only the curly fries, and grapes are good.  The cheeseburgers aren’t Jackson’s favorite, and said the biggest con is the price.

Although lunch is no longer free due to the National School Lunch Program ending the universal free school meals program for the 2022-23 school year—students who meet requirements may be eligible for free and reduced lunch.

Colden Larson, senior, said the biggest pro is the drinks they sell, like gatorade. “They should lower the prices so every kid can eat,” Larson says.  “The pizza quesadilla things are good.” Larson additionally said the staff are really nice.

Jadyn Thompson, sophomore, said the new prices don’t negatively impact him. Thompson said he would get breakfast if it was free. His favorite is the Spicy Chicken sandwich. Thompson and his friends agree there should be more fruit and vegetable options because normal pricing requires 2 and there’s not many options. “The faculty is really nice,” Thompson said. 

Students seem to be pleased with their food, lunch staff and especially spicy chicken sandwiches. Lunch staff are friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs, students, and the school.