D.C Everest Students Place high in Voices of Democracy

Jarret Imlach, Editor

   The Voices of Democracy competition aims to promote the study of great speeches in U.S. history. The competition consists of creating a speech to the corresponding theme for the year. This year the theme was “America: Where Do We Go From Here?”. The competition is a nation-wide competition that takes place annually. The competition also acts as a scholarship program for students that participate each year. 

   D.C. Everest district had two speeches take the podium at places first and third. First place is Riley O’Connor and third place is Natalie Costa, both seniors. The students worked on their speech in Mrs. Jagodzinski’s speech class. 

   Natalie Costa said, “I had about 2-3 weeks to prepare as that was the amount of time we had for my speech class to write our speeches.” 

    Based on the topic for this year’s competition, Natalie wrote about COVID- 19, the kidnappings in Haiti, and protests being done across the country. “I wrote about what we can do as a country  to help fix or resolve these issues,” said Costa.

   Students submitted their speech with a hard drive which was then sent into the judges for evaluation. This included the script and a video of them reading their speech.  “I think my favorite part of this speech was the fact that we didn’t have to go somewhere to do it,” said Costa. 

   Riley O’Connor said,  “My favorite part was creating a speech that could potentially brighten the day of war veterans.”  

 The prize for O’Connor was a 300 dollar check for anything he wishes to spend it on. The hardest part for him was the brainstorming process. It was hard for him to figure out how his speech would go. His journey is also over as his speech didn’t make it to the next level of the competition.