Senior Ball: a Return to the Norm?

Caitlin Grisham, Editor

   During the 2020 – 2021 school year, D.C. Everest didn’t hold any dances due to the high amount of COVID cases in the area, and for the safety of the students. It was a year of caution, especially within school districts. Now, in 2022, Everest has held its first Senior Ball since the 2019-2020 school year.

   Senior Ball was held Jan. 15, at the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center in Rothschild. According to Mrs. Roskopf, a New Horizons Teacher and Everest Virtual Academy (EVA) Teacher, who was in charge of Senior Ball, about 253 tickets were sold and all but nine students who bought tickets came to the dance.

   “I think it was incredibly successful considering we are still in a COVID world. It was wonderful to offer experience to our seniors and their guests,” Roskopf said, adding a shout out to those involved: “Thank you for the support and work from our student committee, they truly made it a wonderful event.”

   One of the seniors who attended senior ball was Camryn Fuchs, who knew about the dance about a month in advance.

   “The night was good. I did a bunch of spa stuff to get ready for the day, and then the day of I got dinner before the dance and took pictures at the Hilton Inn with friends. After the dance, I left around 10:15, and went to bed,” Fuchs said.

   Seniors all made memories in their own ways, even if they didn’t enjoy the dance itself. This year’s seniors were the sophomores when the world shut down in March of 2020. Teachers were happy to see students be able to make these memories after not having the ability to hold these events for two years.

  Officer Frank Wierzbanowski, who helped chaperone the dance, said, “I thought that the turnout, about two thirds of the senior class, and the overall dance was a success. Most students stayed to the end and danced. It was neat to see on the last dance the senior class make a large circle, locking arms, and taking in their last senior year.”   

   The last two years when it came to the high school experience it was not at all what anyone thought it would be. Nobody would have considered a disease such as COVID doing what it did. When preparing to move up to the highschool everyone thought it was going to be the same as always. Dances, sports, etc. the casual high school experience and it was for awhile, until March. The world closed down, and with it a bunch of changes came with it. 

   Frank said, “I thought that having the dance was incredible not only for students but for their parents and the staff. It brought back some normalcy to the school environment.”