Eat For The Hungry

Samantha Kislow, Reporter

Around the world over 690 million people go to bed hungry according to the United Nations Food Agencies, according to Katherine Reid (World Vision). 

   Peyton’s Promise has taken action by creating an event called Eat for the Hungry. Eat for the Hungry was created in 2018, by a former D.C. Everest student, and a Peyton’s Promise Advocate Danni Langseth, said senior Abby Sendelbach.       

   Peyton’s Promise started in 2007 after Peyton, the founder, saw a story about a young boy named Cameron. Peyton located an issue and wanted to fix it, according to the Peyton’s Promise website. One drive turned into more, and Peyton’s Promise was born. 

   Peyton’s Promise worked to help donate food, and to fight hunger as well. Advocates in Peyton’s Promise run food drives in schools and communities for healthy and reliable food, according to the Peyton’s Promise website. Members also help organize and run stock the shelf event, where people can buy items at grocery stores and donate to those in need.

   Peyton’s Promise helps over 55 local food pantries in Marathon County, with many volunteers and over 180 advocates, according to the Peyton’s Promise website. 

  A major event for Peyton’s Promise took place on Dec. 9, 2021. “The results were amazing, we raised over $7,000.00 for area food pantries,” said Sendelbach of Eat for the Hungry.

   Each year the event grows from the last, and hopefully it will continue. This event is a legacy for Peyton’s Promise, and takes place annually, “I am graduating in the Spring, so it will be run by underclassmen in the future,” said Sendelbach. 

   This year Peyton’s Promise raised triple the amount they raised in 2018. “I was fortunate to have a few Peyton’s Promise advocates of the senior high help me with this event,” said Sendelbach. 

   Peyton’s Promise main goal is to “raise awareness about the problem of hunger in central Wisconsin,” as well as funding mimi grants to help keep food pantry shelves stocked throughout the winter, said Sendelbach. 

   Peyton’s Promise also wants to help fight childhood obesity, by giving families and kids healthy food options, according to the Peyton’s Promise website. Peyton’s Promise also encourages families to donate healthy food options towards a food drive in the community.