Senior Leadership: 8 Everest Girls Return to Lead The Basketball Team

Wyatt Miles, Reporter

Leadership is an integral part of any successful team and with eight seniors returning this season, the Everest Girls Basketball team has a strong foundation of leadership at the varsity level. 

  Lauren Wimmer is going chin up and eyes forward into her senior year with a focus on how she can lead her younger teammates. “I think my biggest form of leadership this year has been making the young girls comfortable with our program.”

   Wimmer went on to credit their tradition of team dinners the night before games, explaining how a simple meal shared amongst teammates can boost team camaraderie.

    “Team dinners for us consist of hanging out, talking, joking around and laughing. We know our goals for the next day, but we also want to take the time as a team to relax and bond. Team connection plays a big role in being a successful team so we push to spend as much time together in season as possible.”

   A junior member of the varsity team, Katie Schulz, discussed this culture of encouragement amongst the team saying, “It’s not only the returning seniors that encourage me throughout the season but it’s everyone on the team, if I’m having an off game or practice everyone is so encouraging.” 

   Schulz also spoke to how the team culture instilled by the seniors has translated to improvement on the court. 

   “We are always pushing each other to our limits in practice to simulate a game-like atmosphere in order to get better. The whole team is a big part of how we play and when our energy is good we feed off of it and keep pushing and playing well.”

   Along with the returning players, there is an important new leader in the locker room, first year head coach Koleman Schilling.    

   Schilling discussed how the returning seniors such as Wimmer helped his transition to head coach.

 “The seniors have helped out tremendously on and off the court throughout the season and I’m so appreciative of them all and I can’t thank them enough.”

   Additionally, Schilling touched on the impact of the seniors and the importance of experienced leadership in a varsity setting. “I believe the returning seniors have done a fantastic job in a multitude of ways that include communication, motivation, discipline, enthusiasm/passion, and leading by example… This hasn’t just helped the underclassman on the varsity team, but more importantly it has helped everyone throughout the entire program.”

   The Evergreens currently have an overall record of 9-10, with a conference record of 4-4, good enough for 4th place in the tough Wisconsin Valley. Being just under .500 for a first year head coach is a promising start for the Everest program, and there appears to be a direct correlation with the strong foundation of leadership established by the eight returning seniors.