Where is Five Nights at Freddy’s Going?

Caitlin Grisham, Editor

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” (FNAF) is a series that was originally created by Scott Cawthon in 2014. Since then 10 games have been created, a total of 11 official games in the series, along with 17 books in the book series, and two log books. What started as a “last hope” game for Cawthon after a variety of game failures and someone commented about the creep designs of his characters, has now become a beloved series that has inspired hundreds of fan games based off the series.

 What began as a point and click game, has grown into much more with the recent release of FNAF VR May, 28, 2019, and just recently Security Breach on Dec. 16, 2021. 

   FNAF VR added a little bit more movement into the main series by gaining the ability to look around, lean into and interact with objects, as well as the ability to move around on some levels.

    Before this the only time fans were able to “free” roam within the games was during hidden mini games that players would have to locate throughout their playthroughs on specific nights. FNAF 4, you play as “The Crying Child”, nicknamed by the community as he is seen crying throughout almost the entirety of game, where the player was able to walk around during the day to specific locations, and at night from the doors to the closet and to look behind himself, and FNAF 5, where you play as security guard Micheal Afton, only being able to move your character to specific areas and locations when told to, otherwise you are locked in place.

   Security Breach, the newest game, added the ability to roam almost anywhere, whenever you’d like. The player plays as Gregory, a child trapped within a Pizza Plex owned by Faz Co., and follows his story as he tries to escape as he’s hunted down by Vanessa, the pizzaplexs’ security guard, Vanny, a serial killer in a rabbit costume theorized to be Vanessa, and most of the other animatronics in the building. Although, he does have help from one of the main animatronics, a complete turn around from other games, Freddy Fazbear.

   With the release of this new game Cawthon has also decided to retire due to a variety of reasons, leaving the production of Security Breach, and future FNAF games up to Steel Wool Studios. Cawthon has not pulled out of the franchise completely, and will be helping with the storytelling aspect of the game from the background.

   The release of this game was not perfect, although it still has very positive reviews on Steam, fans are still open to point out glitches and errors that were released with the game. These glitches are errors that vary throughout different consoles, but here is a list Steel Wool themselves have listed they will be fixing within a future patch coming out in early to mid Feb.


Bug Fixes Quality of Life Improvements 
  • Serious performance and visual fixes for all platforms, with the most notable improvements appearing on the PlayStation 4. Not all of the issues have been addressed, like hitches that occur outside of moment-to-moment gameplay between attractions, but we think you’ll be happy with the steps we’ve taken towards an overall better experience.
  • We’ve made changes to jump scare functionality to prevent issues like getting jump scared during the game’s credits, and characters disappearing during a jump scare.
  • We fixed issues with the world improperly loading and unloading. The most egregious example we’ve fixed is the possibility of unloading the entire world when entering Freddy.
  • Additionally, we’ve fixed edge case bugs like missions not triggering if a specific series of events occur in a specific order, getting out of bounds under certain conditions, and certain exploits (get your fun in while you can.)
  • We’ve added a single save station in the atrium for overtime, allowing you to save between endgame events. Our goal was to make unlocking certain endings more difficult – we succeeded, but at the expense of the fun. We hope more folks pursue the game’s endings with these improvements.
  • We’ve extended the skip cinema system to include cinematic moments like the Sun/Moon transformation sequence in the Daycare.
  • We’ve looked at ways to better telegraph goals and paths forward. For example, the colors of the cables in the Daycare now use the same color system that we use in parts and service so that it’s a little easier to get through that sequence.
  • We’ve done a first pass of reducing the game’s overall size on-disk.
  • We’ve also made some overall balance changes to things like the Burntrap boss battle and hiding spots.


   Not only will this help with the current playability of the game, but with a future downloadable content (DLC) coming to the game, it will help to keep future problems at a minimum. Although the content within this DLC is still unannounced, a majority of the community is theorizing trying to figure out what may come in the future.