DCE Enterprise: A New Approach to the Traditional Classroom

Wyatt Miles, Reporter

In the midst of a school year consumed by a pandemic, exciting new opportunities for D.C Everest students flew under the radar. DCE Enterprise was introduced for the 2020-2021 school year, offering students the opportunity to run all aspects of a metal manufacturing business. A class for those interested in business, marketing, office administration, CNC operations, welding and fabrication, or general mechanics. 

   Head instructor Steve Kmosena, has over a decade of experience in the manufacturing industry, may be the captain, but the students are the ones who steer the ship. His goal is to give students a taste of real world career experiences and encourage them to take initiative and run the business. 

   “The whole idea is to provide an experience that is as close to the real world as we can get. Students should leave with an experience that sets them up to be successful at the next level,” said Kmosena.

   Senior Jonathon Juedes spoke to this new type of learning environment Enterprise has created, “My favorite part of the class has been the ability to grow and learn. I’ve learned many new software programs as well as a lot about the structure of metal and wood and how to manipulate them to make them look the way I envisioned them.”

   Juedes also mentioned the opportunity that’s been provided to meet and work with clients not only from the community but across the country. “I’ve worked with a lot of different people and I’ve enjoyed meeting new clients,” he later said, “I’ve worked with people who work and teach in our district as well as people from outside businesses, organizations and clubs.”

   In fact, DCE Enterprise has worked with clients from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado filling all sorts of orders from drop down trailers, to concert stage equipment, and even the decor for a brand new bar and restaurant.

   David Radley, president and CEO of Rad Stage Gear, spoke about his experience working with DCE Enterprise. “All of the students as well as the staff at DCE were awesome to work with! It’s fun to see the students really paying attention to not just completing a project, but also doing it well.” 

   Radley went on to discuss the opportunity a class like Enterprise provides, “No question that DCE offers the students a real life scenario that not only helps them work on their skill set but also puts them into an environment similar to what they will be working in once they enter the workforce.  Fantastic opportunity!”

   Head instructor Steve Kmosena takes pride in this ability for his class to open doors for students to their future careers,“When students are given opportunities to work for/with people from outside the building it makes connections and opens doors for them. So often it is not what you know, it is who you know. Building a network of people is always helpful.”

   After just 3 semesters, DCE Enterprise has created an impressive customer base and established itself as an intriguing new opportunity for students. The class is open to all Everest Senior High students registering for classes next year, and is a great fit for those who have interest in business or fabrication experience.