Rise of Podcasts in today’s society

Conner McFarlane , Editor

Podcasts have been around for nearly two decades, but it’s been the last couple years that the industry has really taken off. This is in large part due to many major celebrities including the likes of Joe Rogan, Michelle OBama, Shaquille O’Neal, and Logan Paul having some of the most listened to podcasts in the world.

   Major audio listening industries like Apple and Spotify have contributed heavily to their rise in popularity as Apple came out with an Apple Podcast app, and Spotify now allows users to post podcasts to their account. 

   Young adults between the ages of 18-34 are marked down as the most frequent listeners in 2021, as it is reported that around 60 percent of adults in that age range tune into podcasts monthly. On the other hand, adults over the age of 35 listen in only half as much, while adults older than 65 only listen ⅕ as often, according to InsiderIntelligence.com. 

   Just on Spotify alone, they have 299 million monthly listeners to podcasts, which represents a 200% increase since 2020. 

   So what makes listening to podcasts so appealing?

   In my opinion, it brings another way to know more about your favorite social media influencer. A lot of times the content on these is vastly different from the everyday content you normally get from these creators. It allows you to know more about the behind the scenes of these people, and makes them more relatable, which I think to a listener it develops a sort of personal connection to the person they are listening to.

   Another reason podcasts have become such a common thing is because you can really listen to them anywhere. In a study conducted by Ross Winn, 22 percent of podcast listeners most frequently listen while they are driving. 

   I personally listen to podcasts the most while at work or late at night when I’m getting ready for bed. They really can be played anywhere as long as you have a pair of headphones or a speaker on hand. 

   One of the best things about listening to podcasts is that they are 100% free. On both Apple and Spotify you don’t have to have premium services to be able access them, which has contributed a lot to their growth. I’m not so sure the growth numbers would be as high if you had to pay money in order to listen.