Success in Food Review by Jake Masanz

Carson Woller, Reporter

   Jake Masanz, senior, and the creator of Food Review, has made a gradual increase to fame. 

   Masanz started food review on a private snapchat story during spring break of 2019. At the time, Pewdiepie’s meme review had become quite popular.At the same time he saw a friend of his post on their snapchat story rating some food “ten out ten”, so Masanz decided to combine the two which resulted in the Food Review many know today. 

Screen shot of Jake Masanz on tik tok. Screenshot taken by Conner McFarlane.

   The Food Review started with about 30 people. “As more people joined the food review, the more people liked it, so they spread the word,” said Masanz, “After episode 300 I decided to branch out to TikTok and it got even more popular.” 

   His TikTok grew gradually over the span of about two years. Food Review has expanded to his younger classmen.

 “It’s just weird having freshmen and sophomores recognize me in the hallway when I have no clue who they are,” says Masanz. He would often talk about Food Review himself, but most of the fame over Food Review came from others talking about it over social media, in class and the hallways. This brought more attention to what used to be an inside joke between the class of 2022.

   Masanz plans to move food to YouTube if it gets too big, “I just don’t know how it will work on YouTube because the episodes are really short,” said Masanz. Although Masanz would like to grow to YouTube he doesn’t see it happening in the near future, so he will be sticking with TikTok for now.