Sticky Note Hope

Samantha Kislow , Reporter

The long hallways smelled of sharpies, there was the peeling of sticky notes, shuffling of footsteps, and light taps on the locker doors. A student slowly traveled around the school leaving one note on every locker. In the heart of a tragedy she seized this moment, took a hold of it, and hoped to change the future from repeating itself.    

   On Sunday, Nov. 14, Paige Malitz, junior, and her mom, came up with the idea to put up sticky notes around the school, “We just wanted to do something even if it was little,” said Malitz. On the following Monday she began her journey around the school. 

   Leaving these small and meaningful impacts on kids lockers allow them to realize that they aren’t alone and that they do matter, said Malitz. As well as giving students the courage to speak up. 

   Leading into that Monday after a sorrowful weekend the school had yet to comment on the previous tragedy. So, Malitz took the initiative to put up positive sticky notes for anyone to read.

   “I knew that they weren’t going to do something right away, so that’s why I did that on Monday,” said Malitz. 

   This small act of kindness was for anyone and everyone who needed it, said Malitz. Small acts of kindness can make anyone’s day; whether it be holding open a door for someone or telling someone their shirt is nice. Small messages could ultimately change the outcome of someone’s day and happiness.

“I know someone said to me that it was cool and positive,” said Malitz. 

   With the limited space given on the sticky note, Malitz wanted to draw students’ attention with a powerful message. She would write and explain more with quotes if she could, said Malitz. 

   Although it doesn’t stop there, Malitz is allowing kids to share their stories about mental health to her, and is producing an article about it. 

   “I’ve been writing an article about mental health and what I think,” said Malitz, “ I’m having kids share their stories about themselves and how they got over it.” She intends to have this published in The Jet, the DCE newspaper, and The Jet online.