The Future of Medicine: HOSA Club

Samantha Kislow , Reporter

The medical field has many different jobs and specialties that are hard to understand. The Health Occupations Students Of America (HOSA) club helps students gain a wide variety of opportunities and knowledge of this ever changing field, while aiding with the creation and understanding of future of medicine.

   Kennedy Stowell, senior, and member of HOSA said, “Our school doesn’t have much for the medical field so we figured it would bring more awareness to different job types and opportunities.” 

   HOSA offers many volunteer opportunities, as well as competitions where students compete with other students around the state about health related ideas, said Miranda Stroik, Foods teacher.

      Stowell said, “Students can gain volunteer hours and help them through the rest of high school and college by giving them the chance to see what a health professional does.” 

   At D.C. Everest Senior High students graduating are required to attain volunteer hours. HOSA is a club where students can obtain these volunteer hours when they are offered.  

   Stroik said, “First we will do volunteer opportunities for students and the community, right now we are doing the crayon drive at the elementaries.” 

   The collection of crayons will then be donated to the Children’s Hospital. Many who join this club are able to meet and learn from professionals in the health field, as well as other students who have the same interests and passions, said Stroik. HOSA also conducts competitions where students can compete against each other with skills and ideas learned. 

    HOSA not only provides knowledge for students, but also for the teachers who advise the club. 

   “In general, seeing students in a different light,” said Stroik. Teacher bonds are different for everyone, but seeing and helping students understand what they want to do in their future is a rewarding experience, said Stroik. 

   HOSA provides anyone with fun opportunities to find what they’re passionate about in the health field, by breaking it down and fine tuning it, Stroik said.

   The D.C. Everest HOSA club has their own Instagram called, dceveresthosa, where students can find more information and opportunities about the club.