Home Alone Redux Mediocre

Peter Thao, Reporter

   I’m sure you have seen or heard about the new Home Alone movie “Home Sweet Home Alone” with a lot of new characters. Even a character from the old 1990 movie with the same actor appears in the new movie. 

   There are also some parts of the new “Home Sweet Home Alone” movie that have the same concepts as the 1990 “Home Alone” movie. 

   Max Mercer, the main character who is like Kevin Mcall, has to go to the bathroom really badly from drinking a lot of soda but can’t go anywhere because his mom Carol Mercer and him are on the road heading back home from the coffee shop. Carol has an idea, she sees an open house sign. She heads to the open house and tells him to act like they are buying the house. He uses the bathroom and when he walks out he asks the owner Rob Delaney if he could have a soda but the owner says he doesn’t know because it has a lot of sugar. Rob Delaney then takes out a box of dolls and Max takes the doll and says the doll is ugly, so Rob takes it from him and tells him to not touch it. Max’s mom comes into the room and looks at the doll and says that she has seen one of them online going for $250,000. 

   Max tries to talk to his mom who is trying to get a flight to Tokyo but with his big family she is stressed out and yells at him. 

   “Max, please! You are not the only person in this house, darling.”  

   Then Max whispers, “I wish I was.” He then sneaks out into the garage and goes into the car. He turns on a tablet in the vehicle but then slowly falls asleep.

   Rob and his wife Ellie Kemper, who are struggling with money, try to sell the doll but when they try to find it is not in the box anymore. They suspect that Max stole the doll. As desperate as they are, they go to Max’s house to try and retrieve the doll back so they can sell the doll and help their family.

   Max finds out what they’re trying to do and sets up a plan just like Kevin in the first “Home Alone” movie. He draws a plan and executes it when Rob and Ellie go to the house. There are many references to the first “home alone” movie to “Home Sweet Home Alone” movie.  (Can you give 2 examples of those parallels/similarities?)

   Seeing Kevin’s brother Buzz all grown up and now a police officer in the movie was a surprising turn. Buzz even talks to Max about Kevin and what happened to him when they were younger.     

   There are many connections between both of the movies and many references to “Home Alone”. Overall, both movies are great to watch especially in the month of Christmas.