D.C. Everest Student leads Break Dancing class

Peter Thao, Reporter

Break dancing is not the easiest dance style that you could learn right off the bat. luckily on every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30pm to 5:30pm located at The Greenheck Field House at Boys And Girls’ Club. There is a break dancing class training people to learn how to breakdance called Break United. The person who teaches this class is Feihong Lee. 

   Feihong was first introduced to break dancing in his 7th grade by his classmate Simon Thao. Simon asked if he would like to join a class for break dancing. At first Feihong refused but a year later when Feihong was an 8th grader he finally gave in and joined the break dance group and has not been disappointed ever since. “After the first day of break dancing, i knew it was for me” said Feihong
  Besides breakdancing he is with his family, friends or girlfriend outside of his break dance career spending time with them. 

   “Nothing really interests me as much as breakdancing does because it’s the one thing I can’t get bored of.” 

Feihong Lee showcasing a break dancing move. Photo by Peter Thao.

Every person has a person who they look upon. Feihong inspiration comes from a man named Nico Castro also known as Nikospins from San Diego, california. He is a known break dancer with over 60k followers on instagram. This is Feihongs inspiration for break dancing because he says “The way he flows with the music and his mentality is strong” he wants to follow in his footsteps and try to be as good as Nico. 

   Into the beginning of Feihongs breakdance career the person who has taught him was Kevin Yang or known as Bboy Illete an ex teacher of Break United. Feihong has been taught by Kevin for some time until covid hit then that was where Feihong knew he couldn’t rely on people to train him. He then started to train himself and now trains other students showing them what to do. He says “it’s my lifestyle” 

   “I don’t do it because I want to but because it inspires me, it saved me when I was at my lowest point,” Feihong says. When he was younger he felt like a nobody, not many people would notice him. Until he joined breakdancing that’s when he met new people who he could trust and talk to. 

   Feihong loves going to break dance events to learn from other people and to get better. The recent event he has gone to was