Feminine Products why are They Priced Higher?

Evalyn Hoppe, Editor

In society, from what I’ve seen there are many things that females have to be more conscious about or feel more pressure about. Every time, even at the store, something that I’ve noticed and seen with others is that we try to hide our feminine products. Even though it’s necessary for feminine hygiene; it’s not something that we can do anything about, some of us still feel the need to hide them. It shouldn’t be shamed or make people feel embarrassed, it should be as simple as buying a stick of deodorant or toilet paper. 

   Every time I have needed to ask for one of the products, I make jokes that it reminds me of  a drug deal, or something along those lines. Even though it’s a necessary thing for our hygiene; not something that should feel like a back alley deal where the two parties involved would have to take off sprinting if we were to ‘get caught’.

   Along with the additional feeling that we need to hide them, they are also quite expensive and nearly every time a guy hears me bring them up, in a private conversation that he was not a part of, how they should be provided their rebelde is that if women get their feminine products for free or at smaller price, then they as males should be able to get condoms for free as well.

   Taking something that is a necessity for our hygiene versus a choice to be made for something they can help. Meanwhile the purposes of the products could not be more different. It is still seen as something sexual simply because of where it resides in where we need to practice hygiene on our body’s. 

   People try to combine something for hygiene versus something sexual, and it shouldn’t happen because it is very different and does not suit the same purpose. It should not be treated as though it does. 

   Along with this there are many stereotypes about women who act angry or emotionally and is normally followed by the question, ‘are you on your period?’. The thing is that many people don’t know where or why that stereotype started. 

    In the 1600s, doctors prescribed women with opioids to help relieve pain on their menstrual cycle. When women used it,they were thought to be acting crazy because they were on their menstrual cycle, when in reality it was because of the drug use that they were prescribed. Then the stereotype of the ‘crazy women on their periods,’ has stayed till this day.

   In the news recently as well there has been talk and creation of something called the pink glove. Three German scientists created it so that women could take out their used feminine products without having to touch any of their blood with their bare hands and then use it to dispose of their period products. 

   They received around $35,000 for funding, simply to create a latex glove that is pink. 12 dollars a box for 48 gloves that are just pink latex gloves. There is no reason for this, versus all of the other things that that money could have gone to it went to something completely pointless, and it has been proven in many scientific studies that women wash their hands more regularly than men do after using the restroom regardless. 

   Not only that, but to add that much more latex into the environment is just wasteful when if a female really wanted to she could go out and buy a pair or buy a box of gloves. Men should have no say in this regardless. There have been many other products made by men for women to keep themselves clean for when they’re on their period. 

   Talcum powder sold and marketed to women to ‘keep us clean’, has now been linked to ovarian cancer. In other news there have been times where people tell women to use Lysol; the cleaning chemical on themselves to keep themselves clean.      

    Not only is it just a hazard but the majority of these things are come up with by men in order to get women to be clean, even though it is completely unnecessary and dangerous for women to use causing more issues and more pain. 

   Unless men have the knowledge about the female body and understand it’s functions, they should not have a say or be able to make judgments. More often than not men don’t know what is actually happening when a woman is going through her menstrual cycle. Proper education for people who make judgments will make a large difference in how menstruation is seen through others eyes.