How Student Sections affect Athletes on the Field

Tyanna Low, Reporter

When playing a sport, an important part of a team’s success is the people who are there to support them, and build them up. Student sections might be the biggest supporters there are. 

   Seeing a big part of your student body cheer you on when you are working hard to accomplish something important to you is a big motivator and sometimes may change the outcome. With not having large student sections last year, there is an influx this year in the stands, and athletes seem to be very happy with their student body coming to support them.

   When seeing a student section there cheering for you, it can mean a lot to certain players. 

   “When you perform you feed off the crowd’s energy, so not having an active crowd last year was difficult. Keeping high energy is difficult on its own, and without a crowd cheering you on it makes it harder,” Junior Claire Juneau said. 

Juneau is on the dance team, and a large part of performing is dancing, but the biggest part is facials. The team was masked last year during performances and hid their smiles. While dancing, not having that crowd to motivate them to finish strong may have hindered their performances.

    “We feed off of a crowd’s energy and not having that last year impacted our performances. Performing is what we do, and having them taken away was hard. Hearing people screaming your name while running is always my favorite feeling,” Juneau said.

   When going into a game where there is a rival or a tough opponent, having the student section can change how players feel going into the game, or mid game. 

      “The student section makes games more exciting. Not having that last year was difficult, however we pushed through,” senior Emmitt Peterson said.

   When a game goes in the opposite direction of what you want it is important to have people there to pick you up, and motivate you in a way you might not be able to do for yourself.

   “I think it depends on the player, and how everyone reacts as an individual to the crowd. Some athletes get nervous, and building off the student section’s energy and how encouraging they can be really puts those nerves at ease,” Peterson said. 

   Not being able to attend sporting events last year was something most students were upset about, and that made this year’s student sections larger and louder than past years.

  “It encourages me to play harder, and run faster. Hearing people cheer for us, and wanting us to win gives me purpose to keep going,” sophomore Finn Anderson said.