Construction Trades Builds a home for Those in Need

Carson Woller, Reporter

 The Construction Trades Class involves only seniors to come together and build a house for a family in need. The class is led by Chad Pernsteiner, the Woodshop and Construction Trades teacher.

   Chad Pernsteiner divides work up by finding people standing around not doing much and he will give them a job to go work on.

   “It’d be great if we had trusses right now,” said Pernsteiner, “we should be putting them on, and we don’t even have them so we can’t, which just pushes us off more.”

   The trusses aren’t the only thing they are behind with. Covid-19 has played a big role in both the shortage and the high price of materials. 

   Normally we wouldn’t order the cabinets for months but because of how far everything is backed up they have already been ordered, said Pernsteiner. 

   Even though this year’s class is behind they are moving along steadily. There are more students in this class compared to past years. This year’s class has 20 students while in the past the class typically had around 12 students.

    The houses built every year are for families who aren’t in the best living conditions. This year Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring the house again. Habitat for Humanity goes out looking for someone who could use a living upgrade. Instead of going through a bank for a loan the family would pay Habitat. Another requirement for the family is that they have to pay Habitat back. The family will get the house free of labor charge.

   Currently there has been a lot of land for the house to be placed, “It’s going in Wausau somewhere,” said Pernsteiner.