Squid Game Takes Over Netflix

Peter Thao, Reporter

   An article called adweek says “Squid game, the bloody survival series that has been at the top of Netflix’s Top 10 list in the U.S.” 

   Squid Game officially became Netflix’s most-watched show with 111 million views in less than a month. People love the show so much that they started making video games for the show. Since it is October, people also made costumes of the players and the squid game workers mask.

   The show has many plot twists and theories about the workers and players in the show. It leaves millions of people on the edge of their seats.

   Squid Games is about people who are in debt struggling to live in the real world. A mysterious man comes to them and asks if they want to play a game called ddakji, a traditional South Korean game using folded paper tiles. If they win they get 100,000 won which is $84.54 in US dollars. Although, if they lose they will get slapped. These people in debt are desperate enough to play the game and lose, but still try again to win. When the characters win they take the money and take off. Before leaving the mysterious man gives them a card, which has a phone number and tells them to give him a call. 

   After having trouble sleeping because he cant stop thinking about getting more money from the man, he decides to call the number. He’s told to meet at a location and wait for a car to pick them up. The driver arrives and he gets in not knowing what’s going to happen to him. Upon sitting down the car is then filled up with a gas that puts him asleep. Shortly after he wakes up on bunk beds with 455 other players. They are forced to play childhood games such as Red Light, Green light, but there’s a twist: if you get caught moving you get shot. The prize money gets higher and higher after however many people die. 

   The last alive gets all the prize money. Some players choose to kill other players when it’s time to sleep, so more money is dropped into the massive piggy bank. 

   The moral of this story is that this series became so popular because of its major plot-twist and action. Psychology Today says, “Threat Management Theory says that these types of films function to help people overcome fears by making them seem possible to defeat.”

   Squid Games are also getting to young children. From fatherly news they say, “It’s hard to ignore the popularity that is Netflix’s Squid Game. It’s a unique storyline that has quickly solidified itself as the most-watched Netflix title of all time. Of course, there’s a reason it’s so popular – it’s got the right mix of intrigue, fear, and mystery. But – it’s not for kids. Even still, with the show’s TV-MA rating, children are mimicking the show on the playground at schools, and now teachers are issuing warnings to parents.” Kids from all over the world are mimicking the games from squid games and reacting to them on school grounds. Why do children know what the show Squid Game is and do their parents know?

   People are already excited for season 2 of Squid Game. They have already given theories about how season 2 is going to turn out. 

   Back in 2016 in South Korea Squid Game was very popular. So, now what we’re seeing is these companies trying to catch up with Netflix. 

   The main character Seong Gi-hun explains that Squid Game is a game kids in his neighborhood once played on a squid-shaped court. It’s almost like a game of tag but more hands on activity.

   The creator of Squid Games actually made this series about a real life event called the Lehman Brothers crisis. He thought of Donald Trump being one of the vip’s because he says, “it’s almost like he’s running a game show, not a country, like giving people horror. After all these issues happened, I thought it was about time that this show goes out into the world”