3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill

Jarret Imlach, Editor

Congress democrats are working to pass an infrastructure bill to update United States infrastructure along with other projects. 

   The reconciliation bill marks the biggest step in democratic drive into climate change, health care, childcare support, and education. And this bill also includes infrastructure. This bill is also the plan for a ten year spending plan. “Infrastructure has been in the bill since the beginning.  This helps us all.  Our economy needs strong infrastructure for efficiency and productivity,” Mrs. Vinje said. 

   The bill aims to increase the nation’s safety net and combat climate change. The bill would increase tax rates for corporations and individuals from original rates of 21 percent to 26.5 percent for corporations. And 39.6 percent as a top rate for individuals. But, overall your tax hike will depend on your occupation. 

    The bill includes two years of free community college. Republicans are opposed to this bill due to the price. Democrats are for the bill but in order to pass the bill all democrats must vote in favor. Two Democrats are also opposed because of the price. Due to this President Biden floated the more realistic price of 1.75 trillion to 1.95 trillion dollars. 

    However there is some backlash to this bill  “It has been a while since we updated our infrastructure and with low interest rates now is the time to make an investment in our country”, said Mrs Vinje.  “However, I would say a lot of concerns over this bill are tied up in our debt and our tax system too.  We do need to balance the concerns about how we pay for items in this bill as well as investment in the people or our country”.