Girls volleyball team goes back-to-back as Conference Champions


Samantha Kislow, Reporter

To have a good team there must be trust, communication and drive. With these three qualities any team can be unstoppable. 

  To win the conference match the D.C Everest Girls Volleyball team had many things to work on. One being focused on goals and doing what needs to be done, said Ella Harmon, sophomore.  

   With two seniors being injured the girls had to stay focused on executing skills to win the conference, said Tina Prahl, D.C. Everest Senior High School head volleyball coach. To help the girls stay focused this season they created a saying  that is “if it doesn’t challenge us, it doesn’t change us,” said Prahl. 

   D.C. Everest Girls Volleyball is leaving an impact on the school by being conference champs, but the girls are also leaving an impact with one another. Riley Zuleger, senior, wants to be remembered as being competitive and supportive to her teammates. “I just want to be remembered as a competitive person.”

   After winning the conference game on Oct 14th many emotions were felt through the team. The team was left feeling very accomplished by the many sacrifices made to help the team succeed. As well as, having a back-to-back season with hard working seniors, said Prahl. 

Girls Volleyball team celebrates Regional Final win over eau Claire Memorial. Photo courtesy of Garrett Kislow. Used with permission.

   One player in particular, Ella Wegner, junior, said, “It feels amazing that we are the team people want to be.” 

  While the season progressed, Prahl said, they will continue to work on, “fundamentals and getting better as a core group of players,” no one individual can win a game. It takes the whole team, she said. 

   The bond between the players in and off the court is very important, “If you don’t have that team chemistry you don’t really have that trust,” said Wegner. 

   On or off the court, the DCE volleyball program is a family; and when they are together, they are respectful, honest, trustworthy and selfless. The relationships are established by the amount of effort they put in for themselves and the team, said Prahl. 

   The main reason why the volleyball team is doing so well is how they see each other as family, said Harmon. 

   Being conference champions is the best reward for the players and coaches, but an amazing reward for the seniors. 

  “Being a senior and having a really successful season is just a great way to go out and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” said Zuleger.