Meet Mr. Engebretson Math Teacher


Carson Woller, Reporter

   Brian Engebretson came to the Senior High School to teach math classes; although not new to the district he has come to the senior high before. Due to staff leaving the Senior High there were some teachers from the Junior High that transferred to the senior high. Mr. Engebretson is currently working his 25th year in the DC Everest School District. 

    The part Engebretson loves about his job is when students finally understand what they’re doing after struggling. Although most kids say they don’t like math, Engebretson is there to help push the kids out of their comfort zone to help them succeed.

Mr. Engerbretson helps his student in Geometry. Photo by Carson Woller.

   Engebretson wants kids to work hard to become better at math, but this work ethic can also carry over to the workforce too. “I believe if you work hard you become better at what you do,” said Engebretson. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a job or at school, it’s the same thing.”

   Away from his work life, Engebretson said he likes to bike in his free time, and watch different sports ranging from high school to college or even the professional level, he even likes to just hangout.