Meet Mrs. Bouffler French Teacher


Tyanna Low, Reporter

This is Mrs. Bouffler’s first year teaching in the Senior High; however, she has been teaching within the Everest district for 12 years. The 12 years she has spent in the Everest district has consisted of working as a teachers aide at Riverside Elementary, teaching at the D.C. Everest Middle School and the D.C. Everest Junior High. “I’ve been everywhere,” she said. Now D.C. Everest Senior High students have the pleasure of being taught by Mrs. Bouffler. 

She teaches French courses in the afternoon, and her approach to teaching the language is making sure all of her students have fun. “Making sure all my students have fun in class is a priority,” Mrs. Bouffler said. She ensures her students have fun in her class by playing games, and listening to music as much as she can.A lso, making sure all of her students feel comfortable with the material they are learning. “I also try my best to have a positive attitude, and positive mindset and remember that it is a new day,” she said. 

Mrs. Bouffler takes time to plan how to ensure that all her students in class have fun learning french. Photo by Mr. Fike

“There are many differences between the Senior High and Junior High,” Bouffler said, “Students are more excited, and willing to learn.” Mrs. Bouffler’s high school students are eager to learn and be taught the language. 

With the freedom students have at the Senior High students are more responsible. “Teaching at the Jr. High is more rigid, and there are just more rules for students to follow, whereas here it’s more laidback,” she said. 

Outside of the classroom Mrs. Bouffler enjoys doing pilates regularly, reading and spending time with family and friends. 

Mrs. Bouffler has a husband of 24 years and has three kids. Together they enjoy taking walks, playing games and just being around each other.