Athlete of the Month Jacob Lorge


Conner Mcfarlane , Editor

Q: When did you start playing soccer/ what teams did you first start playing for?


A:I started playing soccer when I was in kindergarten/first grade. I started playing in a lot of the Everest recreational teams. As soon as I was old enough around the age of 9 I joined an MC United team called the Stingers. Then I went to MC United state league called invictus and around the same time I played through the school program as well.


Q: Have you always played goalie? What other positions have you played?


A: as a little kid and up to the age of ten I was all into scoring goals and playing in the field. As I grew up, I got interested in using my hands, so I tried playing goalie and I loved it.


Q: Do you play for any club teams outside of the school season?


A: Like I said earlier I mostly played for MC United teams. Our coach was Jason Peak.


Q: Do you have any plans to continue playing soccer after high school?

Jacob Lorge dribbles the ball. Photo by Mr. Fike.

A: The dreams are always big. D1 has always been the main goal, but there’s nothing wrong with playing D2 or D3. In regards of where I end up, I don’t know, just that I’ll be playing soccer.


Q: What, if any, other sports do you play?


A: Currently I play Tennis, Golf, and Basketball when I’m not playing soccer. A new sport I’ve been looking into and playing a lot of is spike ball.


Q: What would you say is your biggest influence is not just in sports, but maybe in life in general?


A: As the biggest influence in my life it’s hard to choose only one. One of many is my parents because they have always been there for me, pushing me to my best and knowing they will always have my back regardless of what happens in my life. Next is my coaches for them always believing in me, teaching me the most about the sport, and always pushing me to the next level. Lastly, is my teammates. For example, my center back Jonah Vesper. He always reminds me of what I’m capable of, we both push each other to be the best we can, and we’ve been playing on the same soccer team for years and he’s just brutally honest with me on what I’m doing wrong and what I need to correct. That’s only one teammate out of many who help me.


Q: What do you think has contributed the most to your success this season?


A: What I think has contributed most to my success this season is practice, repetition, and my goalkeeper coach Dan. As a goalkeeper, it’s all about minimizing the mistakes and perfecting every move I make on the field. Dan is always there to constructively criticize my game even if it’s one foot out of place he will still let me know what I did wrong.