New Powder-Buff Homecoming Volleyball Tournament

Conner Mcfarlane , Editor

With the school year opened back up, and everyone back in classes every day, that also means that homecoming is back in full swing this year, including a new men’s volleyball tournament, the Powder-Buff game. 

One of the biggest traditions at D.C. Everest during homecoming week is the girls Powder-Puff football game between the senior and junior girl teams. But this year, the school has decided to install a men’s volleyball tournament during the week of Homecoming. 

“The format of the tournament was two brackets, one for the seniors and one for the juniors. Each bracket was double elimination meaning even if you lost once you could still make the championship,” said senior volleyball player Brenna Lehrke. “Then the championship game would be between the winner from the juniors bracket and the winner from the seniors bracket.”  

Each team was coached by players from the girls volleyball team, usually one or two coaches for each team. The players, however, were drafted by the coaches to each team, only senior coaches could draft seniors, and vice versa to make sure the grades weren’t mixed in with each other. 

The event was held Monday, Sept.27, after school from 7pm-10pm in the Senior High School gym, and in the first ever championship of the Powder-Buff games, a team of juniors coached by Braylen Beiler, took down the senior team 25-17.

“A lot of people showed up and it was just a really fun event overall, I’m glad we added it this year and hopefully we can continue doing this every year,” Lehrke later said.