Responsibilities of Open Campus

Evalyn Hoppe, Editor

COVID last year caused a lot of changes to students’ lives, and everyone’s thoughts differ on how it affected them. A change that carried over, school wise, from last year is open campus. A privilege originally instated during the 2020 – 2021 school year to keep unnecessary bodies off campus. Students were and still are able to leave during lunch, study hall and ELT. If they are needed for something else it falls onto the students and their ability to be responsible for their school work and time. 

   “Open campus has been a huge success. Students have proven themselves which show’s success for them,” Said Officer Frank Wierzbanowski, when asked about students’ behavior.

  From last year, the open campus was determined a success, so the district board decided to continue it this year. Although successful, some concerns still come from the school board, teachers, and community members. This concern being tardy students and students being absent, but junior Vunchoua Yang isn’t worried about it.

    “Not particularly, I do try my best to keep up with attendance and keep up in class.” Along with his time management, Yang feels like there are more responsibilities and options to be responsible versus always being told where to be, where to go and what to do. 

   “It wasn’t really free last year and now we can leave school and catch up with things,” said Yang.

    Another student who agrees with this is senior Jordyn Petit, who leaves during lunch and study hall as well as ELT when not requested. 

   “Some people take advantage of it, but I come back and try not to be late,” said Petit, who goes to local places for lunch such as Taco Bell, and Starbucks. 

   “Everest should keep it going unless people take advantage of it” said Jordyn, because it helps with planning out and responsibility. 

    Teachers at DC Everest had open campus in their days in high school as well, they know the experience of being able to have their freedom while still in school. 

   “We had an open campus in high school, but with that freedom comes responsibility,” said Carla Kietlinski, DC Everest’s attendance secretary when asked about students’ responsibility and her own history in high school. 

  With open campus still going well, it’s the simplest things in life that students enjoy such as going out to eat for lunch, or getting snacks with friends when they have time. 

   Most are making a point to be back on time or earlier to make sure they don’t lose what they know is a privilege and not a right. Overall, DCE students are taking it into their own hands to keep this privilege, now that there is less need for it.