Creative Marketing Solutions at D.C. Everest


Evalyn Hoppe, Editor

  Tired of the sit and get with your day to day classes? 

   While this might look like a sales pitch, it is not what students do or how they learn  in Creative Marketing Solutions class. 

   “I thought it was like at the junior high and the marketing class with marketing foundations,” said sophomore Riley Held, who is working with his partner Dayton Goralski, also a sophomore, to get school supplies for students and for classrooms in general. Even though the class wasn’t what they had originally anticipated, they don’t regret taking it.

   “Think of something in the community or something that needs to be done that you’re passionate about,” said Goralski, because this class is a good place to get it done. 

   Along a similar track in this class is Veronica Frystak, who is a junior and is working on a ‘Hero’s at Heart,’ project for young kids. 

   “It’s a civics program and the kids can create their own hero costume and be hometown heroes and it will teach them about getting involved in the community,” said Frystak. Currently, she is selling candy and other snacks to raise money for the kids, so they can create their own hero as well as have money for their own school supplies.

    “I just want to make people happy and I want to bring joy and make kids happy. That’s what being a kid is about and it’s important that kids have that opportunity to play and be creative,” said Frystak about the end goal for her idea. 

   An additional factor that helped her come up with her idea was her mother who is a preschool teacher in the community. 

   Another group in the Wausau community known as Boys and Girls club is also taking part in helping students in this class, specifically senior Feihong Lee, who is teaching brake dancing.  

   “I didn’t come up with it. My teacher who taught me breakdance came up with it. It was the same idea, but he can’t teach there anymore,” said Lee.

   “My goal is to just consistently have people come to my classes and teach them as much as I can, and then see them do what I’ve taught them and that would make me really proud.” 

   Eventually, Lee wants to have them all perform somewhere, potentially against other schools in competition. 

Nathaniel Her, Pa Ying Gia Thao, Ethan Xiong, Feihong Lee, Simon Thao, Hue Chee Yan, Tyson Yang. Photo courtesy of Feihong Lee.

   While this class is four years old, some students have come back for second or even third year because they want to continue to work on their project or develop something new.

   “It’s a do something class. It’s not a sit and get class. It’s a you go and get what you need and you’re held responsible at the end,” said Jodi Peterson, the Creative Marketing Solutions class teacher, giving the students freedom to take control of their project. 

   “It’s good when I walk away because it makes them think that they can do it. Then the training wheels come off, and I just let them go” said Peterson, who lets the students go to interviews alone, ask questions and talk to businesses about sponsorships for their projects. 

   “One of the goals is for the students to do something and they are picking a passion of their choosing.” Peterson said, “They chose it and there’s more invested, and then it’s their project not mine. Everyone does something different or new and it’s all of us figuring it out together and the power to explore how to figure things out in this class.”